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Umbrella-ception: What is Apex Inc?

You're looking at it, friend!

Apéx Inc. is the umbrella company of an umbrella company that owns a number of other companies.


It's simple - Apéx Inc. may own certain brands such as Remark Entertainment and RubyCube, but this doesn't mean that it isn't necessary for the company to own other businesses - in some cases, it is necessary at (least from a marketing perspective) to have other businesses advertising themselves.

That's why Apéx Inc. also owns Materia™, which in turn owns brand name companies such as Sology™ and firms such as Monoversal Arts™, Inc.

The Apex Nova Map

What are the Apex Brands?

Don't worry if you don't recognize any of these logos, give it time! 

Each node in the Apex Nova map represents an entire corperation, each with its own vision, set of mission statements and unique personality.

Although, seeing as each company operates underneath Apex Inc., you can expect them to share some core values.

These are:

So, with five core values (Kindness, Honesty, Stubbornness, Integrity and Consistency) that make up the basis for a good company, you can be sure to expect great things from each of them, and we can expect to represent all of these values in everything we do. Are you excited yet? We certainly are!